Product Description

Urea, a highly concentrated, water-soluble nitrogenous fertilizer, is one of the most popular nitrogen fertilizer used worldwide. With about 46% nitrogen, Urea has the highest nutrient concentration among the commercially available solid nitrogen fertilizers.

Urea is suitable for various soil and plants for foliar spray which instantly removes nitrogen deficiency. Urea is available in granular form and can be applied by broadcasting or injecting the urea into the soil.


Product Specifications  PDF download
Analysis Value
Nitrogen Content, wt. % 46 (Min)
Biuret, wt. % 1.00 (Max)
Moisture content, wt. % 0.5 (Max)
Formaldehyde, wt. % 0.55 (Max)

Particle Size   Type A

                        Type B

1 to 3 mm 90% (Min)

2 to 4 mm 90% (Min)

Manufacturing Process

Urea is produced when carbon dioxide is reacted with liquid anhydrous ammonia at high pressure and temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Urea is processed in granules or solid globules known as prills. Dry urea is very soluble and must be kept away from moisture until its use.