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Polymer Products


It is part of our mission to deliver premier quality products and services to our customers. We give our customers easy access to petrochemical products they need, with rational price within reasonable time frame. Our products are supplied from plants which use unique and modern technologies under reputable international process licenses such as Hoechst, German BASF, Basell, Axens, Technip, Lyondell Tecnimont, Mitsui from Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and Japan.

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Chemical Products3



Olefins are a class of unsaturated hydrocarbons including at least one carbon-carbon double bond. The two most important olefins are ethylene and propylene, as they form the backbone of the petrochemicals market. The highly reactive double bond makes the olefin molecule ideal for conversion to many useful end products. Most uses of these compounds involve reactions of the double bond with other chemical agents. The majority of olefins capacity is consumed in the production of polymers used for plastics (i.e. polyethylene and polypropylene). Ethylene dichloride, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, oxo alcohol, polystyrene, and acrylonitrile are other important olefins-based petrochemicals. 

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All our Bitumen supplied is of the highest quality and fully compliant with ASTM and AASHTO standards and test methods. Quality Testing and Analysis certification of the bitumen products inspected when requested, will be compliant with Product Specifications and International Standards.

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Urea is a hot concentrated solution produced by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide. When dissolved with water, this concentrated urea hot-melt liquid becomes an aqueous urea solution or a feedstock for the prilling or granulating process. We supply gas based granular urea for base and top dressing fertilizer in agriculture.



Rayomand supplies high tonnage of of gray and white Portland cements for various construction applications.
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